Why Legumes?

Learn more about Legumes and why Pasta Lensi turns these into great tasting pasta.

black beans the single ingredient in a variety of pasta lensi legume pasta

Why Legumes?

Legumes, or pulses, are a source of protein, dietary fiber, and key micronutrients such as folate. They are also gluten free and both vegetarian and vegan. Legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, and beans can be an important part of your diet, and are found in international cuisine around the world.

red lentils the single ingredient in a variety of Pasta Lensi legume pasta, providing clean healthy nutrition in your pasta dish

What is a Legume?

A legume is a part of the Fabaceae family, which also includes peas and beans. Legumes are cultivated for their seeds, which are also called “pulses” and the most familiar kinds are beans, lentils, peas, and peanuts. Grain legumes are technically a fruit, as they bear their pulses within a pod or flesh, just like soybeans or apples. Similar to better-known fruits, the pods or flesh surrounding the pulse can be eaten.

yellow lentils the single ingredient in a variety of pasta lensi legume pasta a healthy choice for your pasta recipes

Pasta Lensi Legume Pasta

Made in a pastificio, or pasta kitchen, in the Lombardy region of Italy, Pasta Lensi Legume Pasta turns four popular pulses into delicious, single ingredient pastas. We combine our years of pasta-making expertise and heritage with the natural benefits of red and yellow lentils, chickpeas, and black beans to create single ingredient pasta in new and familiar shapes.

Pasta Lensi Legume Pasta: A combination of a single ingredient, years of experience, and shaped like your favorite pasta!